Parasite – 2019

Originality: To describe this film as being extremely original would be an understatement. This is one of the most unique films I’ve ever seen and there was very little about it that I saw coming. I was genuinely shocked by the twist that came halfway through the movie and I can safely say that this […]

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Testről és lélekről – 2017

Hungary has been on a roll in recent years, turning out some truly great films. One of their most recent efforts is On Body and Soul, the story of a pair of slaughterhouse employees who find themselves sharing the same dream. But finding each other within the dreams is much easier than finding each other […]

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The Insult – 2017

Courtroom films have the potential to be some of the most engaging films, if they are done right. This one is done extremely well. The film follows Tony Hanna (Axel Karam) a devout Christian living in Lebanon who refuses to allow a Palestinian construction worker called Yasser Salameh (Kamel El Basha) from repairing a broken […]

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The Rules of the Game – 1939

One of the best french films of all time, brought to the world by the phenomenal Jean Renoir. The film follows an eclectic group of characters who are intertwined by a series of romantic entanglements that consume them and threaten to ruin their lives. The film is a comedy of manners that features an great […]

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The Villainess – 2017

South Korea has turned out a lot of great action films, most recently a revenge thriller called The Villainess. The film follows a pregnant widow who, after taking out a building full of criminals, is recruited into a secret agency of assassins. The film makes a lot of turns and finds her being hunted by […]

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The Square – 2017

I don’t understand art. There is a lot of beauty in the world of art, but I think I lack the imagination to perceive it correctly. I do understand people though and this film is filled with people reacting to the art of the world and acting in appropriate and inappropriate ways. This film follows […]

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