Tully – 2018

Jason Reitman is a talented director, but he’s had a few duds in recent years. Fortunately, his earlier works have given him a little leeway. His latest effort, and reunion with Diablo Cody, is Tully. Tully follows a pregnant mother of two named Marlo (Charlize Theron) who struggles to get a good night’s sleep following […]

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Primer – 2004

Having watched Primer a few times, I feel confident enough to say that I still don’t fully understand it, and I’m not sure that I ever will. The complexities of this film are astronomical and the way that it is structured leaves so many unanswerable questions that it isn’t even worth trying. Shane Carruth weaves […]

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Tangerine – 2015

Sean Baker has one of the most unique eyes in the film industry and his ability to capture unique stories using guerilla filmmaking is truly impressive. Tangerine follows Sin-Dee (Kitana Rodriguez) who has released gotten out of prison, only to discover that he boyfriend has been cheating on her. The film then follows her as […]

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Manifesto – 2015

RRRThere are some unusual movies that have been produced recently. Manifesto is an art film if ever there was one. The film follows thirteen different people as they deliver various manifestos about the realness of art and its place in society. The interesting part of this film is that all thirteen characters are played by […]

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Novitiate – 2017

Religion is a powerful motivator. Some films portray it as an ally of its protagonists, while others portray it as the enemy, while others still portray it as a great question mark that creates the drama of the film. The latter is the case for Novitiate. The film follows a young woman named Cathleen (Margaret […]

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The Station Agent – 2003

Peter Dinklage is an American Treasure. He has appeared in dozens of film and one of the most prolific television series of all time, but he got his start like every actor in some small role that turned into a big break. For Dinklage it was The Station Agent, a little indie film about a […]

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