Genre: Animated Films

Animated My month long study of the animated genre has come to an end. There are a lot of different types of animation in film and each offers its own unique slice. The world of animation offers a lot of opportunities that the live-action medium can’t. One of the ways that animation differs from live-action […]

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Fantastic Planet – 1973

A remnant of a very odd time, this film is bizarre. The concept of the film focuses on hundred-foot tall blue aliens who keep tiny humans as pets. One of the pets begins to learn like the aliens and escapes to join a rebellion against the aliens. There are a number of striking things about […]

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A Ghost Story – 2017

David Lowery is an up-and-coming director and if it was in doubt before, this film proves it. The film might seem like a ridiculous concept, a ghost who is literally a sheet, but it never feels absurd and it is a truly heart-warming film about the love shared between a husband and wife, even after […]

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Akira – 1988

Anime is a form of animation that originates from Japan. It isn’t my favorite animation style, but it is fairly realistic. Akira turns Tokyo into a nuclear wasteland, where motorcycle gangs battle each other nightly and the police shoot resistance members daily. The film also explores the concept of human evolution as scientist experiment on […]

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Arsenic and Old Lace – 1944

There’s a lot of truth to the idea that screwball comedies were better in the forties, because really they were. Cary Grant is a great actor, but he isn’t his usual reserved self in this film. Here he’s an exasperated man trying to cover up a series of murders committed by his elderly aunts. His […]

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