Genre: Thriller Films

Thrilling My month of thrillers has come to an end and I have gained a lot of perspective about the different types of thrillers and how different the perception of what is thrilling can be. The films I watched had build and each one built at a different speed and reached a peak that came […]

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Gravity – 2013

The terror of being stranded in the most desolate location imaginable is enough to keep anyone awake at night, but for Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), that nightmare just became real. There are certain films that could only be made in the past few years, and Gravity is definitely one of them. The amount of CGI […]

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All the President’s Men – 1976

Probably one of the most upsetting true stories of all time. The Watergate scandal is one of those stories that doesn’t need to be revisited, and yet it is compelling every single time. Americans love a good scandal, but this story, now forty years old is a dangerous story with the potential to repeat itself […]

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I Married a Witch – 1942

Veronica Lake is an iconic actress who peaked pretty early and never quite lived up to her own legend. Her most well-known role may have been Sullivan’s Travels, but here in I Married a Witch she shines as Jennifer, a witch returned from the grave intent on ruining the life of her accuser’s descendant. The […]

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Ghostbusters – 1984

There are movies that feature great comedians and films that feature great comedy. Ghostbusters has a little bit of both, which works to its benefit. The film focuses on a trio of parapsychologists who seek to prove the existence of ghosts. There are a lot of great moments in this movie, including the Stay-Puft Marshmallow […]

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