Emma – 2020

Originality: Jane Austen is often referred to as one of the premiere writers of her generation and with that statement there can be little argument. There had been dozens of adaptations of her work, including prior adaptations of this story, albeit slightly more accessible than this one. This film is quirky and doesn’t try to […]

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Little Women – 2019

Originality: Little Women is an American classic and has been adapted for the screen multiple times, with each adaptation making changes to match the vision of the writer and director. Gerwig’s version adds some pretty significant touches to better tie this to the plight of women in the modern age with some great dialogue written […]

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Dolor y Gloria – 2019

Originality: Pedro Almodovar loves telling stories that make the viewers feel like they are complicit in emotional theft and this film is no different. Using his own life as inspiration, this film tells a story that is at different times: raw, angry, sad, immobile, and hopeful. Almodovar doesn’t shy away from the things that need […]

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The Irishman – 2019

Originality: The disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa is one of the most interesting mysteries in American History and this story gives one explanation for his sudden absence from the world stage. This film is long and there are some definite slow parts, but the dialogue is punchy and well-written and pulls the audience in for the […]

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Uncut Gems – 2019

Originality: Gambling movies aren’t extremely common, jewelry store movies even less so, but combining both of them into one hasn’t really been done before. There is something so original about this film that it almost feels like its a behind-the-scenes featurette on ESPN meant to give color to Kevin Durant’s career. Describing it that way […]

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