The Villainess – 2017

South Korea has turned out a lot of great action films, most recently a revenge thriller called The Villainess. The film follows a pregnant widow who, after taking out a building full of criminals, is recruited into a secret agency of assassins. The film makes a lot of turns and finds her being hunted by her employers and her target with no idea who to trust and only her daughter’s life on her mind. The film uses a lot of interesting techniques, including POV fight scenes that puts the viewer in the action and creates some truly disorienting sequences that make you question the laws of physics. The film uses a lot of practical effects and it’s fresh take on the action-thriller genre makes it one of the best efforts out of South Korea in recent years.

A great film for action enthusiasts and quite enjoyable.

This film has a lot to offer and deserves…

4 out of 5


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