Ready Player One – 2018

The importance of pop culture in today’s social media-laden world cannot be understated. The quotability of classic films has only increased with the help of platforms such as Facebook or Reddit to help emphasize their significance. Ready Player One is the culmination of all of this obsession into a single film. The film follows a […]

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The 2010s

And now we’re here. The current decade is filled with a lot phenomenal achievements in filmmaking, including some truly impressive effects. Actors have been brought back from the dead thanks to the magic of CGI and the process of de-aging is actually a little scary. The achievements in these visual effects is truly remarkable and […]

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The 2000s

It is here that films finally reached their peak. The 2000s marked some of the greatest achievements of the film industry so far, including the revitalization of 3-D in film. Thanks in part to James Cameron, there was a resurgence in 3-D movies, but with a much deeper and more laborious process. The result was […]

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The Foreigner – 2017

Jackie Chan is an international icon. His roles in both Chinese and American cinema has cemented his status as a master of the martial arts film and of his talent as an actor. Here he plays Quan Ngoc Minh a Chinese immigrant living in England with his daughter. When his daughter is killed he goes […]

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The 1990s

The nineties is a tough decade to judge. The decade is full of some great films, but it is also full of some nostalgic films that have become iconic in the years since. The films of this decade are both fun and fundamental and there are a number of great things that occurred within this […]

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The 1980s

The eighties wasn’t exactly filled with revolutionary film techniques, but it is arguably the decade with the most iconic films. Dozens of the films from this decade have gained cult followings and memorabilia dedicated to them. This decade is filled with some of the most original works in film history and many deserve recognition. One […]

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