On the Waterfront – 1954

Marlon Brando was an interesting guy. To describe him as eccentric would be an understatement. But personal life aside, he was a truly talented actor who created some of the most memorable characters in film history. One of his greatest roles was as Terry Malloy, a down-and-out boxer working at the docks. Malloy finds himself […]

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The Dark Knight – 2008

Christopher Nolan is in a class with some of the greatest directors. His ability to do character studies on a large scale is nothing short of masterful. One of the best films he made is Thr Dark Knight, which blew all other Batman films out of the water. Nolan took one of the most famous […]

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Citizen Kane – 1941

The quintessential flashback story, this film has been cemented in history as one of the greats and deservedly so. Orson Welles was a virtual unknown before he came onto the scene with his crowning achievement and boy did he make a splash. The film follows Charles Foster Kane who inherits a massive sum from his […]

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Brokeback Mountain – 2005

Brokeback Mountain was one of the most controversial films of the 2000s and it had a massive effect on the acceptance of the gay community. But I’m not going to call this film a gay love story. This film is just a love story. Two men fall in love, but to call either of them […]

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The King’s Speech – 2010

Colin Firth is tremendously talented, and this film, above all others, shows that talent. This film follows the prologue and early reign of King George VI, who despite a good heart and technical understanding of the throne, has a debilitating stutter that threatens to ruin his career. I can’t imagine how much it took for […]

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