The Insult – 2017

Courtroom films have the potential to be some of the most engaging films, if they are done right. This one is done extremely well. The film follows Tony Hanna (Axel Karam) a devout Christian living in Lebanon who refuses to allow a Palestinian construction worker called Yasser Salameh (Kamel El Basha) from repairing a broken drainpipe on his balcony. Tony insults the man until he becomes physical and takes him to court over his injuries. The film tries to justify both sides with exposition and it Is left up to the viewer who is right and who is wrong in the situation. But the simplicity of the concept becomes more complex as new layers are added, creating a drama so deep that none of the characters even seem sure how to react to it.

Insanely well-written, this film breathes life back into the courtroom drama.

Appropriate tension between the Lebanese natives and Palestinian refugees makes this extremely topical and I give it…

4.5 out of 5


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