The Rules of the Game – 1939

One of the best french films of all time, brought to the world by the phenomenal Jean Renoir. The film follows an eclectic group of characters who are intertwined by a series of romantic entanglements that consume them and threaten to ruin their lives. The film is a comedy of manners that features an great cast and a lot of humorous moments, but it’s timing wan’t great in the history of France. Renoir’s film came at the onset of World War II and it wasn’t quite the time for a comedy film about ignoring your problems. Renoir’s film is a significant one in the history of the world and it has, and should, endured for the past eighty years.

Great film and one that should be watched by all fans of cinema.

Hilarious in its simplicity, this film deserves…

5 out of 5


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