Molly’s Game – 2017

Aaron Sorkin is, arguably, the best screenwriter ever. His ability to make his characters witty and sarcastic while still conveying their message intelligently is truly a gift. He is well-known for the walk and talk where his characters espouse massive amounts of information while moving around the scene. His latest venture is Molly’s Game, with […]

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The Sting – 1973

Paul Newman and Robert Redford are two of the finest actors ever, and they are rarely finer than when they appear together. One of the their finest and the finest overall is The Sting. The film follows a pair of con men who set out to con a crime lord out of an obscene amount […]

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The Departed – 2006

Martin Scorsese has worked in the film industry for the last fifty years, and has made some of the most iconic films in American cinema. One of his most famous films is The Departed, which features an all-star cast and one of the most intensely thrilling plots in the history of crime. The film focuses […]

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Baby Driver – 2017

Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver is possibly the best movie of 2017. There are a lot of great things about this film, but there is no discussion about this film without mentioning the score. The creative way that Wright incorporates music into this film is half the reason it turned out so successful. The cast is […]

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