Oscars: Animated Short Film

Animation is a complex project and the dedication required to complete a feature length film is impressive, but some filmmakers use their talent for animation to create short films of the same caliber. Animated short films feature some groundbreaking techniques, coupled with the less restrictive timing of shorts. The shorts nominated this year are all […]

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All the King’s Men – 1949

This film is surprisingly relevant in today’s political climate. This film follows small town lawyer Willie Stark (Broderick Crawford) whose desire to become governor compromises his values until he has become a completely different person. The symbolism behind Stark’s rise to power and his willingness to throw away his own values in favor of power […]

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Oscars: Foreign Language Film

For almost thirty years, there was no competitive category for foreign language films at the Oscars. Modern critics feel that the ceremony is overly biased towards English-language films and that creating a category for foreign films might offer some recognition, it also prevents them from having a chance to compete with the mostly American films […]

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The Disaster Artist – 2017

The Room has been described as one of the worst films of all time. Tommy Wiseau is a great mystery and his film might be biographical or it might just be something from some obscure part of his mind that is completely incoherent. The Disaster Artist is the brainchild of James Franco, who casts himself […]

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Testről és lélekről – 2017

Hungary has been on a roll in recent years, turning out some truly great films. One of their most recent efforts is On Body and Soul, the story of a pair of slaughterhouse employees who find themselves sharing the same dream. But finding each other within the dreams is much easier than finding each other […]

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The Martian – 2015

Arguably one of the feelgood movies of the last decade, The Martian is a story of survival done in a completely unique way. The story follows astronaut Mark Watney (Matt Damon) who is left behind on Mars after a storm forces the crew to abandon the planet. What makes this film so great is all […]

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