Onward – 2020

Originality: If someone were to ask what company has made the best animated films of the past 25 years, there’s only one answer: Pixar. Their latest venture focuses on a world where mythical creatures have slowly lost magic as technology took over their lives. There are a lot of meta references in this film, but […]

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The Breadwinner – 2017

The treatment of women by the Taliban is a tragedy and critics of the oppressive group have been calling for revolution since day one. The Breadwinner follows the story of a young girl called Parvana who begins dressing like a boy after her father is imprisoned. She is forced to work odd jobs and sell […]

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Loving Vincent – 2017

A labor of love, if ever there was one. Featuring hand-painted frames in the style of Van Gogh, this film follows a letter from Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo. It is being delivered by the son of a friend who finds himself on a quest to learn more about the mysterious circumstances surrounding […]

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Coco – 2017

Pixar might not have a monopoly on the animated genre, but they are certainly the best in the business. Since 1995, Pixar has been dominating the screen with original films that affect the viewers deeply. Their latest effort is Coco, the story of a boy who dreams of playing music, despite his family’s hatred of […]

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Song of the South – 1946

There are a number of critics who claim that Song of the South should be permanently banned by Disney for being racist and outdated. There is no argument that the film has a lot of questionable tones that when misconstrued can be offensive, but to deny the existence of this film is to deny part […]

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Genre: Animated Films

Animated My month long study of the animated genre has come to an end. There are a lot of different types of animation in film and each offers its own unique slice. The world of animation offers a lot of opportunities that the live-action medium can’t. One of the ways that animation differs from live-action […]

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