Spider-man: Homecoming – 2017

The reinvention of the Spider-man franchise was not a desperate need in cinema, but for the third time in a decade, the wall-crawler was reborn. Sony has long had the rights to Spider-man and they turned out five solo movies, but thanks to a brilliant partnership with Marvel and Disney they have merged Spidey into […]

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Córki Dancingu – 2015

Definitely one of the weirdest movies I’ve seen recently. This film takes its inspiration from Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid, but sets it in a nightclub in 1980s Poland. What makes it even weirder is that it is a musical. The story follows two mermaid sisters, Silver and Golden, who land in Poland and trade […]

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Columbus – 2017

Kogonada is a director to watch. The way he executes his directorial debut Columbus shows a rare understanding of cinematic expectation. His style is reminiscent of Yasujiro Ozu in his focus on the length of the scene and not on the actors in the scene. He lets events play out naturally, as though he is […]

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Coco – 2017

Pixar might not have a monopoly on the animated genre, but they are certainly the best in the business. Since 1995, Pixar has been dominating the screen with original films that affect the viewers deeply. Their latest effort is Coco, the story of a boy who dreams of playing music, despite his family’s hatred of […]

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Justice League – 2017

Concieved as the DC universe’s answer to the Avengers, this film had a lot of potential and, as a comic book fan, I was hopeful. But as much as there was to love about this film, there was slightly more to frustrate. This film featured a good cast and had impressive action sequences, but the […]

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Punch-Drunk Love – 2002

Paul Thomas Anderson is a gifted director and has made some great films in his career so far, from Boogie Nights to Inherent Vice he is a master of the human condition. Punch-Drunk Love is a love story, and probably one of the best. There is a lot about this film that earns my appreciation, […]

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