The Square – 2017

I don’t understand art. There is a lot of beauty in the world of art, but I think I lack the imagination to perceive it correctly. I do understand people though and this film is filled with people reacting to the art of the world and acting in appropriate and inappropriate ways. This film follows Christian (Claes Bang), an art curator whose phone is stolen. The rest of the event of the film are connected to or in some way related to this theft and everything that he does after is a reaction to this betrayal of his possessions. The film features a lot of unique artistic pieces, including a scene featuring Terry Notary acting like an ape for several agonizing minutes. But never does this film feel stale, and it’s fresh take on the art scene of Sweden makes it an enjoyable romp.

Entertaining and hilarious, this satire is well-conceived and well-executed.

A great film to summarize the absurdity of 2017, this one receives…

4 out of 5


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