Tully – 2018

Jason Reitman is a talented director, but he’s had a few duds in recent years. Fortunately, his earlier works have given him a little leeway. His latest effort, and reunion with Diablo Cody, is Tully. Tully follows a pregnant mother of two named Marlo (Charlize Theron) who struggles to get a good night’s sleep following […]

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Blockers – 2018

Comedy is the genre that has changed the most over the last hundred years. What used to pass for funny is now tired and what people find funny nowadays would offend the comedic performers from the twenties and thirties. Blockers follows three teenage girls who have made a sex pact on their prom night, but […]

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The Disaster Artist – 2017

The Room has been described as one of the worst films of all time. Tommy Wiseau is a great mystery and his film might be biographical or it might just be something from some obscure part of his mind that is completely incoherent. The Disaster Artist is the brainchild of James Franco, who casts himself […]

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The Philadelphia Story – 1940

The 1940s offered up some of the best talent in film history. From leading men to starlets to man-candy, this period in cinematic history should be considered the golden age. Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn, and Jimmy Stewart are three of this era’s greatest talents and they play a hilarious love triangle in this classic comedy. […]

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The Grand Budapest Hotel – 2014

Wes Anderson is probably the most quirky director working today. His style is completely unique and meticulously executed. His films show a depth of precision and patience to create something so well organized and designed it makes the viewer wonder if the time and effort was worth it. It pretty much always is. The Grand […]

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Birdman – 2014

Birdman is a rare film for a number of reasons. Chiefly, it almost can’t exist outside of the contemporary reality in which it finds itself. It’s obsession with social media makes it a great commentary on the present day, but it also limits it to the period in which it is set. This film emulates […]

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