Emma – 2020

Originality: Jane Austen is often referred to as one of the premiere writers of her generation and with that statement there can be little argument. There had been dozens of adaptations of her work, including prior adaptations of this story, albeit slightly more accessible than this one. This film is quirky and doesn’t try to […]

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Dolemite is My Name – 2019

Originality: Dolemite is one of the great characters of the blaxploitation era and his story has been begging to appear on the big screen for many years. This story focuses on the origins of the character as the brainchild of Rudy Ray Moore who recovered from obscurity by using some old rhymes to create an […]

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Booksmart – 2019

Originality: Comedy is entirely subjective, but that doesn’t limit its impact on those that don’t get it. Teen comedies are a dime a dozen, but Booksmart avoids some of the common pitfalls as its two leads charm their way into the heart of the audience through some very relatable dialogue and a tightly written script […]

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Tully – 2018

Jason Reitman is a talented director, but he’s had a few duds in recent years. Fortunately, his earlier works have given him a little leeway. His latest effort, and reunion with Diablo Cody, is Tully. Tully follows a pregnant mother of two named Marlo (Charlize Theron) who struggles to get a good night’s sleep following […]

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Blockers – 2018

Comedy is the genre that has changed the most over the last hundred years. What used to pass for funny is now tired and what people find funny nowadays would offend the comedic performers from the twenties and thirties. Blockers follows three teenage girls who have made a sex pact on their prom night, but […]

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The Disaster Artist – 2017

The Room has been described as one of the worst films of all time. Tommy Wiseau is a great mystery and his film might be biographical or it might just be something from some obscure part of his mind that is completely incoherent. The Disaster Artist is the brainchild of James Franco, who casts himself […]

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