The 1950s

The 1950s was an epic decade and featured some of the most famous epics of all-time. The films of the fifties featured a lot of improvements in special effects and the epic films that were produced demonstrated some of the greatest scenes in history. From chariot chases to parting seas, Charlton Heston was at the forefront of most of these epics.

Cinema truly began to expand in the fifties as films became more accessible to everyone and the world of film grew in a number of ways. Several film genres began to find more ground as science fiction, horror, and fantasy films became more prevalent and the world of film dragged viewers into worlds of deeper imagination.

My picks for each year are as follows:

  • 1950 – All About Eve; In a Lonely Place
  • 1951 – The Day the Earth Stood Still; Strangers on a Train; An American in Paris
  • 1952 – Singin’ in the Rain; Limelight
  • 1953 – Roman Holiday; Gentlemen Prefer Blondes; Tokyo Story
  • 1954 – On the Waterfront; Seven Samurai; Dial M for Murder; Godzilla
  • 1955 – Rebel Without a Cause
  • 1956 – Invasion of the Body Snatchers; The Ten Commandments; The Killing
  • 1957 – 12 Angry Men;  The Seventh Seal
  • 1958 – Vertigo
  • 1959 – Some Like it Hot; Ben-Hur

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