Tangerine – 2015

Sean Baker has one of the most unique eyes in the film industry and his ability to capture unique stories using guerilla filmmaking is truly impressive. Tangerine follows Sin-Dee (Kitana Rodriguez) who has released gotten out of prison, only to discover that he boyfriend has been cheating on her. The film then follows her as she attempts to locate the woman with whom he has been cheating. Meanwhile, her friend Alexandra (Mya Taylor) tries to drum up an audience for her Christmas performance, while trying to avoid Sin-Dee’s drama. The film features mostly unknown actors and was shot using an iPhone, which gives it a documentary-like feel. Baker pulls off an amazing feat in creating these characters and telling their stories in such an honest way.

A great guideline for low budget indie films, this one keeps up a quick pace and brings the drama in every way.

Sean Baker is one to watch and this film earns my full respect and a…

4.5 out of 5



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