Hamilton – 2020

Originality: It hardly qualifies as a film, but this recording of the stage musical has given audiences everywhere a chance to appreciate one of the greatest musicals of the modern era. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote this musical over the course of a decade and its lyrics, musical, style, and tone make it a masterpiece thanks to […]

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The Invisible Man – 2020

Originality: Ever since it was first written in 1897, the original story by H.G. Wells has offered unlimited possibilities through the idea of being invisible, but with the unforeseen consequence of losing one’s sanity as a result. This new treatment modernizes the story and uses it as an effective cautionary tale about domestic violence and […]

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African Cinema

The cinema of Africa has a sparse history, with Egypt leading the way until the middle of the 20th century. Cairo Station is one of the best examples of Egyptian cinema and it inspired a number of American and European films. I selected 12 countries to focus on for Africa, with a few American films […]

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The Call of the Wild – 2020

Originality: The book by Jack London is one of the great classics of American literature and it is repurposed here with some more modern sensibilities and a rewarding relationship between the dog and his final master. This film feels a bit strained as it tries to make itself relevant, but overall it does its message […]

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Birds of Prey – 2020

Originality: The DC Extended Universe has been one of the most interesting roller coasters in the world of cinema and the latest offering adds a new twist on one of their previously established characters: Harley Quinn. Choosing to focus this film on her character and provide her with decent backstory and development helped this film […]

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Balloon – 2020

Originality: To escape from East Germany into the West was the dream of most freethinking Germans and this film highlights a real-life escape attempt by a family who has sewn their own hot air balloon. This film is well-written, even if it has several flourishes for dramatic effect, but these do a good job of […]

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