Dial M for Murder – 1954

Alfred Hitchcock is the master of suspense. His films bring an intensity to the screen and most build for a long time before the thrills reach their peak. This film is one of his best and easily one with a lot of build, in fact, this films builds for about half the movie and then builds for the second half too. Dial M for Murder is a two-act piece about a husband (Ray Milland) who plots to have his wife (Grace Kelly) killed by an old acquaintance. The film has a lot of twists and turns and both Milland and Kelly do an exquisite job of playing the role of wolf and sheep respectively. There are a lot of great Hitchcock films, but this one is definitely the one that started him on the path toward greatness.

A fun thriller that is worthy of another watch almost immediately.

Murder is never a good idea, but I have to respect Ray Milland’s attempt and so I give it…

4 out of 5



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