On the Waterfront – 1954

Marlon Brando was an interesting guy. To describe him as eccentric would be an understatement. But personal life aside, he was a truly talented actor who created some of the most memorable characters in film history. One of his greatest roles was as Terry Malloy, a down-and-out boxer working at the docks. Malloy finds himself in conflict with a dangerous mob boss after he reconsiders his part in their illegal actions. Elia Kazan directs this film and one of the things that he does well is create inner-conflict for his characters. Brando’s struggle is shown through a number of conversations that reveal his turmoil and his attempts to find a solution. This film is one of the greats of American cinema and with good reason.

Easily the best film about unions and probably about dock workers as well, it’s definitely worth seeing.

One of my favorites and arguably the best leading performance by Brando, save perhaps one, I give this one…

5 out of 5



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