All About Eve – 1950

Bette Davis is an exquisite actress, but the true star of All About Eve has to be the incredible Anne Baxter. The film follows aging actress Margo Channing (Davis) who takes a young up-and-comer named Eve Harrington (Baxter) under her wing. The film explores how threatened Margo feels when the younger Eve begins her ascent to stardom and finds herself filling Margo’s shoes and her roles. While Davis is great her role is very flat, she plays the aging actress well with the undertone of feeling threatened. But it is Baxter’s chameleon-like ability to shift from helpless ingenue to an aggressive scene-stealer that makes this film the masterpiece that it is. Both Baxter and Davis were nominated for their roles and choosing between them must have been difficult, which might be why neither won.

A classic that showcased exactly how conniving women in show business could be.

There is a reason this film won the Oscar for Best Picture and it has held up well over the past seventy years, so I give it…

4.5 out of 5


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