Spider-man: Homecoming – 2017

The reinvention of the Spider-man franchise was not a desperate need in cinema, but for the third time in a decade, the wall-crawler was reborn. Sony has long had the rights to Spider-man and they turned out five solo movies, but thanks to a brilliant partnership with Marvel and Disney they have merged Spidey into the universe of the Avengers. This merger offered a lot of new opportunities, the most significant here is the inclusion of Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark as a mentor to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. This relationship plays extremely well due to the newness of Parker’s heroics and Stark’s own need to develop a fatherly relationship with the wayward teen. The character relationships play well here and Michael Keaton adds layers to a complex villain whose motivations are surprisingly down-to-earth.

Funny and unique, despite its limitations, this one is a great addition to two powerful franchises.

Thanks in part to its light-heartness, I’m going to give this one an easy…

4 out of 5



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