Córki Dancingu – 2015

Definitely one of the weirdest movies I’ve seen recently. This film takes its inspiration from Hans Christian Anderson’s Little Mermaid, but sets it in a nightclub in 1980s Poland. What makes it even weirder is that it is a musical. The story follows two mermaid sisters, Silver and Golden, who land in Poland and trade their fins for legs so that they can join a band. As always happens though, one of the two falls in love with another member of the band and her sister tries very hard to prevent her from sacrificing her fin for a life on land. There are a lot of surreal scenes in this movie, in particular the transformation from fin to legs and the answers to many of the biological questions about the anatomy of a fish woman.

Carnivorous mermaids and weird Polish dance sequences make this worth at least a quick glance.

Enjoyable, but it definitely left a bitter taste in my mouth, so I’m going to give it…

3.5 out of 5



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