Punch-Drunk Love – 2002

Paul Thomas Anderson is a gifted director and has made some great films in his career so far, from Boogie Nights to Inherent Vice he is a master of the human condition. Punch-Drunk Love is a love story, and probably one of the best. There is a lot about this film that earns my appreciation, but chiefly the build-up of Barry Egan’s (Adam Sandler) emotions and his growing love toward Lena Leonard (Emily Watson) as he tries to conceal his severe depression and emotional issues from her. Anderson’s direction really begins to develop here and he uses a lot of long shots and a fantastic score to tell the story of a man whose loneliness nearly destroys his life. Also, never has pudding been so important to the plot of a movie.

I could analyze this one all day long, but I’ll just say it is worth multiple viewings.

A great film that proves that Adam Sandler has legitimate acting prowess, earning it…

5 out of 5



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