Columbus – 2017

Kogonada is a director to watch. The way he executes his directorial debut Columbus shows a rare understanding of cinematic expectation. His style is reminiscent of Yasujiro Ozu in his focus on the length of the scene and not on the actors in the scene. He lets events play out naturally, as though he is a viewer from afar and that the events unfolding are some secret conversation to which we aren’t privy. The film focuses on two people, both of whom are desperate to escape from Columbus, Indiana, but both of whom are drawn to it’s unique architecture. The first is Jin, John Cho, whose father is comatose in the hospital and unable to be moved. The second is Casey, Haley Lu Richardson, who is stuck in town taking care of her drug-addicted mother. Both actors perform impressively, but it is Richardson’s performance that holds the film together and ignites her potential as a member of the next generation of great actors.

A rare glimpse into the beauty of architecture and the hearts of two souls brought together by tragedy, it is deep and moving.

I look forward to Kogonada’s future and I know that this is only the beginning, so I award this one…

4.5 out of 5


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