Justice League – 2017

Concieved as the DC universe’s answer to the Avengers, this film had a lot of potential and, as a comic book fan, I was hopeful. But as much as there was to love about this film, there was slightly more to frustrate. This film featured a good cast and had impressive action sequences, but the plot was a mess and it’s attempts to skip several steps in the world building process hindered the film. Charismatic characters with backstories already established arrived in this film without any explanation and the film is like picking up on conversations that have half-begun. Plus, the villain has unknown motivations and feels completely flat. The DC universe is trying to catch up to Marvel and is suffering for it, if they want to compete in a world where the Avengers reign they need to take time and do this right.

Slow to start, but with a reasonably nice pay-off halfway through, I have high hopes where it is going.

There has been a lot of hate on this film, but, as a fan, I’m going to be courteous…

2.5 out of 5



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