Coco – 2017

Pixar might not have a monopoly on the animated genre, but they are certainly the best in the business. Since 1995, Pixar has been dominating the screen with original films that affect the viewers deeply. Their latest effort is Coco, the story of a boy who dreams of playing music, despite his family’s hatred of the idea. The film follows Miguel’s exploits on the Day of the Dead as he is transported to the world of the dead in an effort to locate his long-lost great great grandfather. His adventure in this world takes him on an emotional journey as he reconnects with long-lost family members and contemplates his future. The film tugs on the heart strings and brings the loss that every person has felt right to the forefront.

Another success from Pixar and though it is hard to watch it deserves to be seen by everyone.

Great music and a truly wonderful cast, this one earns a…

4.5 out of 5


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