Captain Fantastic – 2016

Raising children is a complicated process and fear of failing them is a massive motivator to do it right. Captain Fantastic is the story of Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen), a father of six children who has raised them in relative isolation in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. But when they are forced to return […]

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Saturday Church – 2017

Identity is a major crisis amongst teenagers and young adults, with many fighting for their self-worth everyday. Saturday Church is the story of a young teenager called Ulysses who is slowly coming to grips with his sexual preference and his desire to dress and identify as a woman. The film focuses on his encounters with […]

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Loving Vincent – 2017

A labor of love, if ever there was one. Featuring hand-painted frames in the style of Van Gogh, this film follows a letter from Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo. It is being delivered by the son of a friend who finds himself on a quest to learn more about the mysterious circumstances surrounding […]

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Lucky – 2017

Harry Dean Stanton has been around for decades, and in all that time he’s basically been an old man. But here he embraces his age and mortality in what is, ironically, his final role. Stanton plays Lucky, a ninety-year-old atheist who has begun to realize that he will soon die and return to the void […]

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Colossal – 2016

As far as Science Fiction films goes, this one is quite unique. The film follows Gloria (Anne Hathaway) as she returns home to her small town after her boyfriend kicks her out for her alcoholism. The film takes a peculiar turn when she discovers that every time she visits a small park in her home […]

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Lady Macbeth – 2016

There is something interesting about sociopaths. I can’t say that they are compelling or entertaining, but there is something curious about them. Lady Macbeth follows a repressed wife who begins a torrid affair that ultimately turns to murder when it is discovered. Florence Pugh plays the adulterous wife who finds herself struggling with her murderous […]

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