Saturday Church – 2017

Identity is a major crisis amongst teenagers and young adults, with many fighting for their self-worth everyday. Saturday Church is the story of a young teenager called Ulysses who is slowly coming to grips with his sexual preference and his desire to dress and identify as a woman. The film focuses on his encounters with a group of drag queens who take him under their wing and take him to their weekend hangout where most get meals and a place to stay. The deeply meaningful moments in the film come from Ulysses’ fantasies where the world is full of musical numbers, which offers the characters an outlet for their strife. The melancholic songs that are sung as Ulysses struggles to navigate through the pain of acceptance give the film impressive layers.

Sadly beautiful, this film is timely and necessary.

Not as heartwrenching or warming as it could have been, but still deserving of…

3.5 out of 5


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