Captain Fantastic – 2016

Raising children is a complicated process and fear of failing them is a massive motivator to do it right. Captain Fantastic is the story of Ben Cash (Viggo Mortensen), a father of six children who has raised them in relative isolation in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. But when they are forced to return to the world, he finds that he has ill-prepared them for life in the world. The film focuses a lot on the culture shock that the family experiences and on the true motivations by Ben to keep his children in isolation. One of the most interesting concepts is Ben’s refusal to mislead or lie to his children often exposing them to concepts that would seem completely inappropriate. There are a number of reasons that the people they encounter find Ben to be an unfit parent, but his love for his children transcends social expectation in a heart-warming way.

One of Viggo Mortensen’s greatest performances and a unique take on the challenges of parenthood.

Full of awkward moments, but full of beautiful ones too, I give this one…

4 out of 5


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