Lucky – 2017

Harry Dean Stanton has been around for decades, and in all that time he’s basically been an old man. But here he embraces his age and mortality in what is, ironically, his final role. Stanton plays Lucky, a ninety-year-old atheist who has begun to realize that he will soon die and return to the void of nothingness. He spends his days doing crossword puzzles and watching game shows, and his nights drinking and picking fights at his local bar. The film offers an existential evaluation of death and Lucky is the perfect example of denial. His conversations with his friends and strangers he meets reflect his refusal to accept his fate. Stanton gives a magnificent performance and unknowing swan song that acts as a perfect send off to a great career.

Rest in peace Harry Dean Stanton, you’ll live on in the memories of many.

Timeless and timely, this one has a lot of charm and earns…

4.5 out of 5


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