Colossal – 2016

As far as Science Fiction films goes, this one is quite unique. The film follows Gloria (Anne Hathaway) as she returns home to her small town after her boyfriend kicks her out for her alcoholism. The film takes a peculiar turn when she discovers that every time she visits a small park in her home town a giant monster appears and terrorizes Seoul, South Korea. Anne Hathaway gives a great performance as a woman at the end of her rope, but the greatest moments in the film belong to Jason Sudekis who gives a commanding performance as an old friend of Gloria’s who has ulterior motives for wanting her to remain back home. The film is funny, but it never strays from its message of individuality and finding your purpose in life.

A fun ride that offers something completely fresh and new.

This one had enough great moments to keep it going and as such earns…

4 out of 5


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