Oscars: The Big Five

There are five major categories at the Oscars (technically six). These awards are considered the most prestigious and this year all of them have a lot of potential and though there will be no winner of all five, each category is filled with great performances and sublime films.

The nominees for the Big Five are:

Best Picture – All of the nominees for this award are unique films and they fall into completely different genres.

The nominees are:

My Prediction to win is…

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Best Director – This is the first year that both a woman and a black man are nominated in the same year, and both are first time directors, this year holds a lot of potential.

The nominees are:

My Prediction to win is…

Guillermo del Toro

Best Actor – A great year for performances, but in my opinion, there are only two candidates this year. And only one stands out for commitment to his role.

My Prediction to win is…

Gary Oldman

Best Actress – This category feels a little more competitive than the actor category. At least 4 of the nominees have a strong shot at winning this one.

My Prediction to win is…

Frances McDormand

Best Screenplay – Already did these two, so I won’t spend more time on them. Click below for my full analysis.

Best Original Screenplay

Best Adapted Screenplay


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