Phantom Thread – 2017

Daniel Day-Lewis is done. He has stated that he has decided to retire and if this is his swan song, it is oddly appropriate. Reuniting Day-Lewis with Paul Thomas Anderson, this film follows dress designer Reynolds Woodcock who finds a new muse in Alma (Vicky Krieps) who becomes involved with him in every facet of his life. Alma and Reynolds have a tumultuous relationship and it is a truly PTA film in the way their relationship advances. The film features a lot of great camera work and Anderson is an expert on highlighting the scenery in a way that most filmmakers wouldn’t. If this is truly Day-Lewis’ last film then it is a fine sendoff for a phenomenal actor whose great character work will be truly missed.

Oddly sad for some reason, still worth watching.

Another great film by Paul Thomas Anderson and it earns…

4 out of 5


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