Get Out – 2017

Easily one of the most conflicting films of this year, Get Out focuses on a young black man whose visit with his white girlfriend’s family doesn’t go so well. The thing that this film does well is blend horror with the reality of the black population. The theme of the film is how white people can mean well, but still exude the ignorance that has set the black population back for the last 150 years. The film uses hypnosis to send the subconscious of several individuals to The Sunken Place, where they are forced to remain. The film parallels the struggle to overcome the feeling of white supremacy in this country, even by those who are well-meaning. The idea that black people can go missing and not be as great a concern as any other race, is easily the most concerning concept in the film.

Expertly crafted and timely in a very real way, this one should be seen by everyone.

Jordan Peele goes above and beyond his comedy roots and creates a film that deserves…

4.5 out of 5


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