The Disaster Artist – 2017

The Room has been described as one of the worst films of all time. Tommy Wiseau is a great mystery and his film might be biographical or it might just be something from some obscure part of his mind that is completely incoherent. The Disaster Artist is the brainchild of James Franco, who casts himself as Wiseau and his brother Dave plays co-leading man Greg Sestero whose friendship with Wiseau is tested throughout the film. The film follows the making of The Room and features all of the crazy antics brought on by Wiseau’s attempts to write, direct, and star in the production. The film features some impressive reshoots of famous scenes from the movie and brings a renewed interest to a film that’s cult following happily ignores how terrible it is.

One of the more entertaining film-within-a-films and definitely one of James Franco’s best performances.

Entertaining and as accurate as it can be, this film didn’t need to do much to surpass the original, but it far exceeded expectations and earns…

4 out of 5


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