Oscars: Live Action Short Film

Short films are an instrumental, but underrated part of the Academy Awards. One of the best features about short films is that they convey their intention in a small amount of time. Some films add extensive fluff to get the film to feature length, but short films aren’t burdened by that struggle. All of the […]

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On the Waterfront – 1954

Marlon Brando was an interesting guy. To describe him as eccentric would be an understatement. But personal life aside, he was a truly talented actor who created some of the most memorable characters in film history. One of his greatest roles was as Terry Malloy, a down-and-out boxer working at the docks. Malloy finds himself […]

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Oscars: Original Song

The Original Song award wasn’t introduced until several years into the Academy Awards, but it has been a staple ever since. This category is one of the few chances for the ceremony to get a little showy and features some great performances by the artists behind the songs. The songs nominated this year are featured […]

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Icarus – 2017

This film is one of those that seemed to happen purely by accident. The film follows filmmaker and cyclist Bryan Fogel in his attempts to defraud the anti-doping agency to prove that it could be done. He is put in contact with Russian scientist Grigory Rodchenkov who heads the Russian Anti-Doping Agency and agrees to […]

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The Breadwinner – 2017

The treatment of women by the Taliban is a tragedy and critics of the oppressive group have been calling for revolution since day one. The Breadwinner follows the story of a young girl called Parvana who begins dressing like a boy after her father is imprisoned. She is forced to work odd jobs and sell […]

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Oscars: Supporting Actor

The definition of supporting performances has changed a lot over the past eighty years. At the beginning of the supporting performance awards, performers could receive a nomination for less than 10 minutes, but recent performances require a lot more weight to make waves in the supporting categories. This year’s nominees are all substantial roles within […]

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