Oscars: Animated Short Film

Animation is a complex project and the dedication required to complete a feature length film is impressive, but some filmmakers use their talent for animation to create short films of the same caliber. Animated short films feature some groundbreaking techniques, coupled with the less restrictive timing of shorts. The shorts nominated this year are all completely different and all utilize different animation techniques, including traditional, digital, and claymation. Each film is unique and deserves its place here.

The nominees for Best Animated Short Film are:

  • Dear Basketball – This short might seem like a love story to Kobe Bryant, by Kobe Bryant, but it is something far more interesting. Utilizing traditional animation this film portrays the simple idea that even athletes have limits and that admitting your time has come is okay. The sketch style of animation is also refreshing and this film tugs on the heartstrings in six minutes.
  • Garden Party – This movie is basically about frogs living it up in an abandoned mansion. This film uses a very realistic style of animation and it can be a bet unsettling at times that the scenes aren’t actually real. The film is mostly played for humor and all of the frogs act exactly as expected in their situation, providing a lot of entertainment for their audience.
  • Lou – Pixar’s contribution is exactly as impressive as expected and it is truly impressive that they can still come up with such unique ideas after so many years. This short follows a mystical lost & found box that wants to see every item within returned to its proper owner, even at the cost of becoming empty. Pixar nails it as usual and this one will be hard to beat.
  • Negative Space – The stopmotion entry in this year’s race, this film follows a son reflecting on the most important skill his father ever taught him: packing a suitcase. The film is visually stunning, considering the limitations of stopmotion, but it never feels flat or empty and achieves something great. The most nostalgic of all the entries, this one feels a little too real.
  • Revolting Rhymes – Including this film almost feels like cheating, since it is part one of a two part series. Based on the book by Roald Dahl, this short tells the tale of Snow White and Red Riding Hood and their shared history and relationship. The short ends on a cliffhanger, but part two clears up all loose ends and gives the characters some needed closure.

My Prediction to win is…

Dear Basketball


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