Moonlight – 2016

As beautiful as it is tragic, Moonlight offers a look into the life of a man so conflicted by his identity that he’d rather deny who he is. There is so much struggle and pain in this film and it is spread over the life of a young man named Chiron. Chiron spends much of the film confronting his repressed sexuality and faces criticism and mistreatment by his peers who view his homosexuality as weakness. But his ability to overcome the repression by his peers makes him stronger, but his pangs of loneliness are still overwhelming. This passion project by Barry Jenkins has years of meaning saturated in love and his overwhelming commitment to telling this story is what makes such a powerful film. The final scene is engraved in my mind and I find it both inspiring and a little sad.

Full of great performances and a relatable story that will endure for many years.

A great film and worthy of every ounce of praise it has received, I give this one…

5 out of 5


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