Lady Bird – 2017

Coming-of-age dramas are a staple of every generation. And every generation lives in a different world that no one could understand. Lady Bird takes its viewers back to the long-forgotten days of 2002, using this time to paint a unique picture of a girl in the throes of adulthood. Saoirse Ronan is “Lady Bird”, a teen hellbent on getting away from her family and her hometown, failing to realize along the way how much she really needs both. Throughout her senior year she experiences young love, sex, and friendships that challenge and threaten to destroy her. The greatness of the film stems from the way Saoirse Ronan throws herself into the role and how Greta Gerwig invests herself personally into the world she wants to create. Gerwig manages to use her expertise in front of the camera and take it behind the scenes to create an introductory film that’s going to be hard to top.

Awkward in the best way, this film forces the viewers to reminisce and relive their own awkward moments.

There has been a lot of praise for this film and I can safely say that it is all accurate, thus earning…

5 out of 5


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