Diner – 1982

The acting in Diner isn’t impressive, the cast was basically a group of unknowns at the time, but their chemistry is its selling point. The film takes a look at a group of men in their early twenties who are slowly drifting apart as life pulls them in different directions. Each man has his own issues and his own struggles and each deals with it in a unique way, but at the end of the day the men have each other and that is good enough. The film is well-written and offers an accurate look into the world of young men who have long since forgotten what it means to be young, but can’t accept what it means to get older.

This film was a great slice of Americana, even if it did lack the tastefulness of the time period.

I’ll rate this one the same way I’d write pie from an actual diner…

3 out of 5



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