Kubo and the Two Strings – 2016

Laika has been on an upswing for the past few years; they started with Coraline and have been on the rise ever since. Their most recent effort, Kubo, is a tale that plays like an ancient Japanese folktale, but has the spirit of a modern adventure story. The animation is impressive and I am constantly in awe of the patience required for stop-motion films. The heights to which the makers can climb is amazing and the details are stellar. The story is another impressive feat. The story of the film is well-conceived and executed wonderfully. Kubo is a young boy who is on the run with his mother from his evil grandfather who wants to steal his remaining eye. The love his mother feels for him and the pain he experiences in his life resonates on a number of levels.

Original and surreal, this film is a great addition to the animation genre.

A great experience and well-deserving of innumerable origami cranes, but I only have…

4 out of 5



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