The Dark Knight – 2008

Christopher Nolan is in a class with some of the greatest directors. His ability to do character studies on a large scale is nothing short of masterful. One of the best films he made is Thr Dark Knight, which blew all other Batman films out of the water. Nolan took one of the most famous superheroes and turned him into a flawed, human character whose struggle to overcome crime was also a struggle to overcome his need to be Batman. His main enemy throughout the film is Heath Ledger’s Joker, who antagonizes him just because he can. Ledger gives a mind-blowing performance and was rewarded with an Oscar for his work (posthumously). The effort that went into this film shows that superhero films are more than just summer blockbusters, a bar which others have since strived to reach.

Action, drama, and a life-changing performance, this one is for everyone.

The best superhero film of all time, it deserves a handsome…

5 out of 5


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