Novitiate – 2017

Religion is a powerful motivator. Some films portray it as an ally of its protagonists, while others portray it as the enemy, while others still portray it as a great question mark that creates the drama of the film. The latter is the case for Novitiate. The film follows a young woman named Cathleen (Margaret Qualley) who spent her childhood without religion, but discovers the Catholic faith in her teen years and she decides to become a nun. The film focuses on her struggle with sexual desire and her relationships with her fellow sisters. The film features a great performance from Qualley, but it is Melissa Leo who pours herself completely into her role as the Reverend Mother. This film takes place during a time of revolution for the Vatican and Leo plays her struggle with these changes extremely well.

An interesting take on religion, this film shows another side of the Catholic faith that very few have ever seen.

Dark and deeply emotional, this film delves into the realism of faith and handles it with care, so I award it…

4 out of 5


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