Song of the South – 1946

There are a number of critics who claim that Song of the South should be permanently banned by Disney for being racist and outdated. There is no argument that the film has a lot of questionable tones that when misconstrued can be offensive, but to deny the existence of this film is to deny part of the history of the United States. I do not condone the treatment of slaves or freed slaves during reconstruction and this film tries to portray their treatment in a positive light. Ignoring this film might be trying to ignore a very dark time in American history, but it also ignores the performances of the actors in the film, actors who put in time and effort to make a film for children to enjoy for generations and its unfair to completely ignore the work that was put into it.

Sure to offend some, but the animation effects are impressive and it’s worth watching at least once.

These catchy tunes will stay in your head all day long and so I give it…

3.5 out of 5


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