Round 1: Batman vs. Superman II

Two legendary heroes fighting with their own identities and confronting their own origins.

Batman is the brainchild of Tim Burton and features a truly impressive performance from Michael Keaton. But as great as Keaton is, it is Jack Nicholson’s performance as the Joker that set the standard for great villains and his over-the-top performance might seem heavy-handed now, but back then it was a sight to behold.

Superman II was originally shot simultaneously with its predecessor, which gave it a sense of cohesion. Terrence Stamp plays the villainous Zod with an assist from the always compelling Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor. There were a lot of behind the scenes issues with this film, but the finished product is surprisingly good.

An actually compelling Batman v. Superman that is worth watching, these films feature entertaining villains and fairly charismatic leads. My choice to advance to the next round is…



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