Round 4

Iron vs. Captain America: The Winter Soldier As with all fights between Iron Man and Captain America, I tend to lean toward one side over the other, so ignoring my own bias, I still think that the superior movie is… Iron Man The Dark Knight vs. Spider-Man Batman has never been finer than in this […]

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Round 3

Wonder Woman vs. Iron Man Deciding on this one really came down to one idea: casting. Gal Gadot is a great actress and the way she plays the role seems very natural, but there is no casting more perfect than Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man. I rest my case. Tough call, but I choose… […]

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Round 2 – Part 2

The Avengers vs. Superman For its game-changing strategy of teaming up some of the biggest names in Marvel history, I choose… The Avengers Black Panther vs. The Dark Knight For it’s completely flawless genre-defying script and Heath Ledger’s perfect turn as the Joker, I choose… The Dark Knight Thor: Ragnarok vs. Spider-Man For it’s reinvigoration […]

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Round 2 – Part 1

The Crow vs. Wonder Woman For it’s role in giving women the representation they deserve and for how naturally Gal Gadot fits into the role, I choose… Wonder Woman Spider-Man 2 vs. Iron Man For bringing the Marvel Cinematic Universe to life and for what can only be described as the perfect casting, I choose… […]

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