Round 1: Logan vs. Superman Returns

Two unlikely parents dealing with the sudden revelation that they have superpowered children.

Logan follows an older Wolverine as his healing abilities begin to fade and he faces his own mortality. This film works as a finale for one of the most well-known characters in the world and Hugh Jackman has the send-off that he deserves. There is no argument that it is Jackman’s performance that sells this movie and boy does he.

Superman Returns sees the titular Man of Steel returning to Earth after an extended journey to his home of Krypton. Upon returning he discovers that the world has moved on and so has Lois Lane. Brandon Routh does a fantastic impression of Christopher Reeve, but his charisma is fairly limited overall.

Both films offers some closure to their title characters, but Logan tugs at the heartstrings more after 17 years of getting to know the character. Superman Returns is a respectable film, but not quite nostalgic enough. My choice to advance to the next round is…



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