Round 1: Unbreakable vs. Kick-Ass

Two movies dedicated to honoring comic books, but with two different tones.

Unbreakable comes from the mind of M. Night Shyamalan and features some impressive twists and turns. The dynamic between Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson is something straight out of comics and the way they play off each other never feels stale. This film may not be based on any comic, but it is this freshness that helps sell it.

Kick-Ass comes from the mind of Mark Millar, whose dark sense of humor plays out surprisingly well on the big screen. The film has a taste for gore and doesn’t shy away from its R-rating. There are a lot of good performances here, but Nicolas Cage does a surprisingly good job as the completely bizarre Big Daddy.

Unbreakable is completely original and uses fresh eyes to perceive this genre. Kick-Ass sought to set a new standard, but it hasn’t aged very well. My choice to advance to the next round is…



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